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Proprietary numbering system
Second-source numbering system

Proprietary numbering system

    Maxim's devices are grouped into categories, according to their functions. Maxim currently adds a "MAX" prefix to the part's unique number.

3-letter suffixes:

Maxim numbering system example

A -40°C to +125°C
C  -0°C to  +70°C
E -40°C to  +85°C
I -20°C to  +85°C
M -55°C to +125°C
A - SSOP (Shrink Small-Outline Package)
C - TO-220, TQFP (Thin Quad Flat Pack)
D - Ceramic Sidebraze
E - QSOP (Quarter Small-Outline Package)
F - Ceramic Flat Pack
H - Module, SBGA (Super Ball Grid Array, 5x5 TQFP)
J - CERDIP Dual-In-Line
K - TO-3, PPGA
L - LCC (Leadless Ceramic Chip Carrier)
M - MQFP (Metric Quad Flat Pack)
N - Narrow Plastic Dual-In-Line
P - Plastic Dual-In-Line
Q - PLCC (Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier)
R - Narrow CERDIP (300 mil)
S - Small Outline (150 mil), TO-52 (2 or 3 leads)
T - TO-5 Type (also TO-99, TO-100)
V - TO-39
W - Small Outline, Wide (300 mil)
X - SC-70 (3, 5, 6 leads)
Y - Narrow Sidebraze (300 mil)
Z - TO-92, MQUAD
/D -Dice
/PR-Rugged Plastic
/W -Wafer
A -8
B -10, 64
C -12, 192
D -14
E -16
F -22, 256
G -24
H -44
I -28
J -32
K -5, 68
L -40
M -7, 48
N -18
O -42
P -20
Q -2, 100
R -3, 84
S -4, 80
T -6, 160
U -60
V -8 (0.200" pin circle, isolated case)
W -10 (0.230" pin circle, isolated case)
X -36
Y -8 (0.200" pin circle, case to pin 4)
Z -10 (0.230" pin circle, case to pin 5)

4-letter suffixes:

    When a part has a four-letter suffix, the first letter of the suffix denotes product grade. For example, the first "A" in MAX631ACPA indicates 5% output accuracy; the remaining three letters denote temperature range, package type, and number of pins. Therefore, the MAX631ACPA has 5% output accuracy, operates over the 0C to +70C range, comes in a plastic DIP package, and has eight pins.

Second-source numbering system

    In most cases, Maxim's part number for a second-source product fol lows the industry' s most widely accepted numbering system for that particular part, rather than our own convention. This includes the original designators for product grade, temperature range, package type, and number of pins.

    Maxim frequently supplies second-source products in packages or temperature ranges that are not supplied by other manufacturers. Whenever possible, these devices are given part numbers that follow the original numbering convention.

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