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    Semiconductor parts containing 319 in root number. Page 2.

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319A064XB12A Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XB12B Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XB12T Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XB14BComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XB14T Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XB16BComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XB16TComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XB18A Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XB18T Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XB20A Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XB20T Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XB22B Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XB22T Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XB24A Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XB24B Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XB24T Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XMT08AComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XMT08T Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XMT10A Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XMT10B Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XMT12AComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XMT12BComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XMT12T Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XMT14A Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XMT14BComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XMT16TComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XMT18AComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XMT18B Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XMT20A Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XMT20B Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XMT20T Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XMT22A Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XMT22BComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XMT24B Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XMT24TComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XN08TComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XN10BComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XN12A Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XN12BComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XN12TComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XN14BComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XN16T Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XN18A Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XN18BComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XN18T Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XN20A Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XN20B Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XN20TComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XN22A Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XN22BComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XN24A Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XN24B Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XO08AComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XO08BComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XO08TComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XO10AComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XO10BComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XO10T Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XO12A Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XO12B Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XO12TComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XO14AComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XO14BComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XO16B Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XO18AComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XO20AComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XO20B Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XO20TComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XO22A Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XO22B Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XO22T Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XO24A Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A064XO24B Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319A065XB08R Self-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319A065XB12RSelf-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319A065XB18R Self-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319A065XB20R Self-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319A065XB22RSelf-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319A065XMT08RSelf-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319A065XMT10RSelf-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319A065XMT12R Self-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319A065XMT14R Self-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319A065XMT16RSelf-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319A065XMT18R Self-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319A065XMT20R Self-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319A065XMT24R Self-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319A065XN12RSelf-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319A065XN14R Self-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319A065XN18RSelf-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319A065XN20R Self-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319A065XN24R Self-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319A065XO08R Self-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319A065XO10R Self-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319A065XO12R Self-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319A065XO14RSelf-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319A065XO16R Self-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319A065XO22R Self-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319A065XO24RSelf-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319A065XW10RSelf-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319A065XW12R Self-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319A065XW16R Self-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319A065XW20RSelf-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319A065XW22R Self-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319A065XW24R Self-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319A138XB08 Composite Swing-Arm Strain Relief with Shield Sock
319A138XB10 Composite Swing-Arm Strain Relief with Shield Sock
319A138XB14Composite Swing-Arm Strain Relief with Shield Sock
319A138XB16 Composite Swing-Arm Strain Relief with Shield Sock
319A138XB18Composite Swing-Arm Strain Relief with Shield Sock
319A138XB20 Composite Swing-Arm Strain Relief with Shield Sock
319A138XB24Composite Swing-Arm Strain Relief with Shield Sock
319A138XMT12Composite Swing-Arm Strain Relief with Shield Sock
319A138XMT16 Composite Swing-Arm Strain Relief with Shield Sock
319A138XMT20 Composite Swing-Arm Strain Relief with Shield Sock
319A138XMT22Composite Swing-Arm Strain Relief with Shield Sock
319A138XMT24Composite Swing-Arm Strain Relief with Shield Sock
319A138XN08 Composite Swing-Arm Strain Relief with Shield Sock
319A138XN10Composite Swing-Arm Strain Relief with Shield Sock
319A138XN12 Composite Swing-Arm Strain Relief with Shield Sock
319A138XN14 Composite Swing-Arm Strain Relief with Shield Sock
319A138XN16 Composite Swing-Arm Strain Relief with Shield Sock
319A138XN18Composite Swing-Arm Strain Relief with Shield Sock
319A138XN22Composite Swing-Arm Strain Relief with Shield Sock
319A138XN24Composite Swing-Arm Strain Relief with Shield Sock
319AA137XB10 Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319AA137XB12 Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319AA137XB16 Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319AA137XB18 Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319AA137XB20 Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319AA137XB22Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319AA137XB24Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319AA137XMT08Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319AA137XMT10Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319AA137XMT12Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319AA137XMT14Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319AA137XMT18 Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319AA137XMT20Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319AA137XMT24Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319AA137XN10 Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319AA137XN12Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319AA137XN14Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319AA137XN22 Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319AA137XN24Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319AB137XB18Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319AB137XB22 Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319AB137XB24Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319AB137XMT08Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319AB137XMT22Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319AB137XMT24 Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319AB137XN08Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319AB137XN12 Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319AB137XN14 Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319AB137XN16 Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319AB137XN18Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319AB137XN20 Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319AB137XN24 Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319AS120XB08Composite EMI/RFI Backshell
319AS120XB08BComposite EMI/RFI Backshell
319AS120XB12 Composite EMI/RFI Backshell
319AS120XB14Composite EMI/RFI Backshell
319AS120XB16BComposite EMI/RFI Backshell
319AS120XB18B Composite EMI/RFI Backshell
319AS120XB20B Composite EMI/RFI Backshell
319AS120XB22 Composite EMI/RFI Backshell
319AS120XB24 Composite EMI/RFI Backshell
319AS120XB24B Composite EMI/RFI Backshell
319AS120XMT08BComposite EMI/RFI Backshell
319AS120XMT10B Composite EMI/RFI Backshell
319AS120XMT12 Composite EMI/RFI Backshell
319AS120XMT14 Composite EMI/RFI Backshell
319AS120XMT14B Composite EMI/RFI Backshell
319AS120XMT16 Composite EMI/RFI Backshell
319AS120XMT16BComposite EMI/RFI Backshell
319AS120XMT18BComposite EMI/RFI Backshell
319AS120XMT20 Composite EMI/RFI Backshell
319AS120XMT22 Composite EMI/RFI Backshell
319AS120XMT24BComposite EMI/RFI Backshell
319AS120XN08Composite EMI/RFI Backshell
319AS120XN08BComposite EMI/RFI Backshell
319AS120XN10Composite EMI/RFI Backshell
319AS120XN10B Composite EMI/RFI Backshell
319AS120XN14Composite EMI/RFI Backshell
319AS120XN14BComposite EMI/RFI Backshell
319AS120XN16 Composite EMI/RFI Backshell
319AS120XN16B Composite EMI/RFI Backshell
319AS120XN18BComposite EMI/RFI Backshell
319AS120XN22 Composite EMI/RFI Backshell
319AS120XN22BComposite EMI/RFI Backshell
319AS120XN24 Composite EMI/RFI Backshell
319AS136XM10Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AS136XM12 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AS136XM16Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AS136XM18 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AS136XM20 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AS136XM22Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AS136XM24Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AS136XMT10Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AS136XMT12Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AS136XMT20Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AS136XMT22Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AS136XMT28Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AS136XW08Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AS136XW10Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AS136XW12Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AS136XW14Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AS136XW18Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AS136XW20Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AS136XW22 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AS136XW24 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AS136XW28Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AS137XB08 Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319AS137XB10 Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319AS137XB12 Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319AS137XB16Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319AS137XB18 Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319AS137XB20Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319AS137XB22 Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319AS137XB24 Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319AS137XMT08 Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319AS137XMT12Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319AS137XMT14 Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319AS137XMT16Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319AS137XMT20 Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319AS137XN08Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319AS137XN10Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319AS137XN14 Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319AS137XN16 Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319AS137XN22Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319AS137XN24Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319AT136XM08 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AT136XM10Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AT136XM12 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AT136XM14 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AT136XM16Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AT136XM18Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AT136XM24Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AT136XM28 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AT136XMT08 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AT136XMT10 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AT136XMT14Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AT136XMT16Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AT136XMT22Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AT136XMT28 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AT136XW12Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AT136XW14 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AT136XW16 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AT136XW18 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AT136XW22 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AT136XW28Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AW136XM08Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AW136XM10 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AW136XM12 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AW136XM16 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AW136XM18 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AW136XM20Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AW136XM24Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AW136XMT08Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AW136XMT12Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AW136XMT14 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AW136XMT20 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AW136XMT22Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AW136XMT24 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AW136XMT28Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AW136XW08 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AW136XW12Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AW136XW14Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AW136XW16Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AW136XW18Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AW136XW20Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AW136XW22 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AW136XW24 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319AW136XW28Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319F064XB08A Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XB08BComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XB10A Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XB10B Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XB12TComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XB14B Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XB14TComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XB16B Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XB16T Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XB18AComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XB18BComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XB18TComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XB20A Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XB20T Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XB22AComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XB22BComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XB24A Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XB24T Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XMT08AComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XMT08B Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XMT08T Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XMT10B Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XMT10TComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XMT12AComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XMT12BComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XMT12TComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XMT14A Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XMT14T Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XMT16A Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XMT16B Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XMT16T Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XMT18AComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XMT18B Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XMT20A Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XMT20B Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XMT20T Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XMT22A Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XMT24BComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XMT24TComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XN08A Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XN08B Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XN10A Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XN10T Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XN12A Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XN12T Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XN14BComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XN16BComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XN18AComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XN18B Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XN18TComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XN20B Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XN20T Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XN22B Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XN24A Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XN24T Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XO08A Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XO08T Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XO10AComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XO10B Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XO10TComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XO12A Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XO12BComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XO12TComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XO14AComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XO14B Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XO14T Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XO16AComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XO16B Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XO16TComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XO18AComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XO18BComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XO20A Composite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XO22AComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XO22TComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XO24AComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F064XO24TComposite Swing-Arm Backshell
319F065XB08R Self-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319F065XB10R Self-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319F065XB14R Self-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319F065XB20R Self-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319F065XMT08RSelf-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319F065XMT10R Self-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319F065XMT12RSelf-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319F065XMT16R Self-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319F065XMT18R Self-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319F065XMT20R Self-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319F065XMT22R Self-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319F065XMT24R Self-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319F065XN10R Self-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319F065XN14R Self-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319F065XN18RSelf-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319F065XN20RSelf-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319F065XN22R Self-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319F065XN24R Self-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319F065XO08R Self-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319F065XO10R Self-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319F065XO12R Self-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319F065XO14RSelf-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319F065XO22RSelf-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319F065XO24R Self-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319F065XW12R Self-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319F065XW14R Self-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319F065XW16RSelf-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319F065XW20R Self-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319F065XW22R Self-Locking Rotatable Coupling
319F138XB10 Composite Swing-Arm Strain Relief with Shield Sock
319F138XB12Composite Swing-Arm Strain Relief with Shield Sock
319F138XB14Composite Swing-Arm Strain Relief with Shield Sock
319F138XB16 Composite Swing-Arm Strain Relief with Shield Sock
319F138XB18 Composite Swing-Arm Strain Relief with Shield Sock
319F138XB20Composite Swing-Arm Strain Relief with Shield Sock
319F138XB22 Composite Swing-Arm Strain Relief with Shield Sock
319F138XMT08 Composite Swing-Arm Strain Relief with Shield Sock
319F138XMT10 Composite Swing-Arm Strain Relief with Shield Sock
319F138XMT12Composite Swing-Arm Strain Relief with Shield Sock
319F138XMT16Composite Swing-Arm Strain Relief with Shield Sock
319F138XMT20Composite Swing-Arm Strain Relief with Shield Sock
319F138XMT22 Composite Swing-Arm Strain Relief with Shield Sock
319F138XMT24 Composite Swing-Arm Strain Relief with Shield Sock
319F138XN08 Composite Swing-Arm Strain Relief with Shield Sock
319F138XN10 Composite Swing-Arm Strain Relief with Shield Sock
319F138XN12Composite Swing-Arm Strain Relief with Shield Sock
319F138XN18Composite Swing-Arm Strain Relief with Shield Sock
319F138XN20Composite Swing-Arm Strain Relief with Shield Sock
319F138XN22 Composite Swing-Arm Strain Relief with Shield Sock
319FA134XM08BComposite EMI/RFI Ultra Low-Profile Shield Sock
319FA134XM12BComposite EMI/RFI Ultra Low-Profile Shield Sock
319FA134XM14B Composite EMI/RFI Ultra Low-Profile Shield Sock
319FA134XM16BComposite EMI/RFI Ultra Low-Profile Shield Sock
319FA134XM18BComposite EMI/RFI Ultra Low-Profile Shield Sock
319FA134XM20B Composite EMI/RFI Ultra Low-Profile Shield Sock
319FA134XM22B Composite EMI/RFI Ultra Low-Profile Shield Sock
319FA134XM24B Composite EMI/RFI Ultra Low-Profile Shield Sock
319FA134XMT08B Composite EMI/RFI Ultra Low-Profile Shield Sock
319FA134XMT12BComposite EMI/RFI Ultra Low-Profile Shield Sock
319FA134XMT14B Composite EMI/RFI Ultra Low-Profile Shield Sock
319FA134XMT16B Composite EMI/RFI Ultra Low-Profile Shield Sock
319FA134XMT18B Composite EMI/RFI Ultra Low-Profile Shield Sock
319FA134XMT20BComposite EMI/RFI Ultra Low-Profile Shield Sock
319FA134XW10B Composite EMI/RFI Ultra Low-Profile Shield Sock
319FA134XW12B Composite EMI/RFI Ultra Low-Profile Shield Sock
319FA134XW14BComposite EMI/RFI Ultra Low-Profile Shield Sock
319FA134XW16BComposite EMI/RFI Ultra Low-Profile Shield Sock
319FA134XW18B Composite EMI/RFI Ultra Low-Profile Shield Sock
319FA134XW22B Composite EMI/RFI Ultra Low-Profile Shield Sock
319FA137XB08 Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319FA137XB10Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319FA137XB12Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319FA137XB14Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319FA137XB18Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319FA137XB20 Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319FA137XB24Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319FA137XMT08Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319FA137XMT10Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319FA137XMT12 Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319FA137XMT14Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319FA137XMT18Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319FA137XMT20 Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319FA137XN10Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319FA137XN12Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319FA137XN14Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319FA137XN16 Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319FA137XN18 Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319FA137XN22Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319FB134XM08BComposite EMI/RFI Ultra Low-Profile Shield Sock
319FB134XM18BComposite EMI/RFI Ultra Low-Profile Shield Sock
319FB134XM20B Composite EMI/RFI Ultra Low-Profile Shield Sock
319FB134XM22B Composite EMI/RFI Ultra Low-Profile Shield Sock
319FB134XM24B Composite EMI/RFI Ultra Low-Profile Shield Sock
319FB134XMT14BComposite EMI/RFI Ultra Low-Profile Shield Sock
319FB134XMT16B Composite EMI/RFI Ultra Low-Profile Shield Sock
319FB134XMT20B Composite EMI/RFI Ultra Low-Profile Shield Sock
319FB134XMT22B Composite EMI/RFI Ultra Low-Profile Shield Sock
319FB134XMT24BComposite EMI/RFI Ultra Low-Profile Shield Sock
319FB134XW08BComposite EMI/RFI Ultra Low-Profile Shield Sock
319FB134XW12B Composite EMI/RFI Ultra Low-Profile Shield Sock
319FB134XW14B Composite EMI/RFI Ultra Low-Profile Shield Sock
319FB134XW16B Composite EMI/RFI Ultra Low-Profile Shield Sock
319FB134XW18BComposite EMI/RFI Ultra Low-Profile Shield Sock
319FB134XW20B Composite EMI/RFI Ultra Low-Profile Shield Sock
319FB134XW22BComposite EMI/RFI Ultra Low-Profile Shield Sock
319FB134XW24BComposite EMI/RFI Ultra Low-Profile Shield Sock
319FB137XB14 Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319FB137XB20 Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319FB137XB24Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319FB137XMT08 Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319FB137XMT10Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319FB137XMT14Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319FB137XMT18 Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319FB137XMT20 Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319FB137XMT22 Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319FB137XMT24 Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319FB137XN10 Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319FB137XN16Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319FB137XN18 Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319FB137XN22 Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319FB137XN24Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319FJ044M16 EMI/RFI Shield Sock Shrink Boot Adapter
319FS120XB10 Composite EMI/RFI Backshell
319FS120XB10BComposite EMI/RFI Backshell
319FS120XB12BComposite EMI/RFI Backshell
319FS120XB14 Composite EMI/RFI Backshell
319FS120XB14B Composite EMI/RFI Backshell
319FS120XB16 Composite EMI/RFI Backshell
319FS120XB16B Composite EMI/RFI Backshell
319FS120XB18Composite EMI/RFI Backshell
319FS120XB18B Composite EMI/RFI Backshell
319FS120XB20Composite EMI/RFI Backshell
319FS120XB22Composite EMI/RFI Backshell
319FS120XB22B Composite EMI/RFI Backshell
319FS120XB24Composite EMI/RFI Backshell
319FS120XB24B Composite EMI/RFI Backshell
319FS120XMT08 Composite EMI/RFI Backshell
319FS120XMT08BComposite EMI/RFI Backshell
319FS120XMT10 Composite EMI/RFI Backshell
319FS120XMT10B Composite EMI/RFI Backshell
319FS120XMT12 Composite EMI/RFI Backshell
319FS120XMT12BComposite EMI/RFI Backshell
319FS120XMT14Composite EMI/RFI Backshell
319FS120XMT16Composite EMI/RFI Backshell
319FS120XMT18BComposite EMI/RFI Backshell
319FS120XMT22Composite EMI/RFI Backshell
319FS120XMT24BComposite EMI/RFI Backshell
319FS120XN08 Composite EMI/RFI Backshell
319FS120XN10Composite EMI/RFI Backshell
319FS120XN10B Composite EMI/RFI Backshell
319FS120XN12Composite EMI/RFI Backshell
319FS120XN12BComposite EMI/RFI Backshell
319FS120XN14 Composite EMI/RFI Backshell
319FS120XN14BComposite EMI/RFI Backshell
319FS120XN16 Composite EMI/RFI Backshell
319FS120XN20 Composite EMI/RFI Backshell
319FS120XN22 Composite EMI/RFI Backshell
319FS134XM10B Composite EMI/RFI Ultra Low-Profile Shield Sock
319FS134XM12B Composite EMI/RFI Ultra Low-Profile Shield Sock
319FS134XM16BComposite EMI/RFI Ultra Low-Profile Shield Sock
319FS134XM18B Composite EMI/RFI Ultra Low-Profile Shield Sock
319FS134XM24B Composite EMI/RFI Ultra Low-Profile Shield Sock
319FS134XMT08B Composite EMI/RFI Ultra Low-Profile Shield Sock
319FS134XMT14BComposite EMI/RFI Ultra Low-Profile Shield Sock
319FS134XMT16BComposite EMI/RFI Ultra Low-Profile Shield Sock
319FS134XMT18BComposite EMI/RFI Ultra Low-Profile Shield Sock
319FS134XMT20BComposite EMI/RFI Ultra Low-Profile Shield Sock
319FS134XMT24B Composite EMI/RFI Ultra Low-Profile Shield Sock
319FS134XW08B Composite EMI/RFI Ultra Low-Profile Shield Sock
319FS134XW14BComposite EMI/RFI Ultra Low-Profile Shield Sock
319FS134XW16B Composite EMI/RFI Ultra Low-Profile Shield Sock
319FS134XW20B Composite EMI/RFI Ultra Low-Profile Shield Sock
319FS134XW22BComposite EMI/RFI Ultra Low-Profile Shield Sock
319FS136XM08 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FS136XM12 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FS136XM28Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FS136XMT10Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FS136XMT12Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FS136XMT14Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FS136XMT16Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FS136XMT18 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FS136XMT20 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FS136XMT24 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FS136XMT28 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FS136XW08 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FS136XW14Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FS136XW16Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FS136XW18Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FS136XW20 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FS136XW28 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FS137XB08Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319FS137XB12 Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319FS137XB16Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319FS137XB18 Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319FS137XB20 Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319FS137XB22 Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319FS137XMT08 Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319FS137XMT10 Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319FS137XMT12Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319FS137XMT18 Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319FS137XMT20Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319FS137XMT24 Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319FS137XN08 Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319FS137XN10 Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319FS137XN14 Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319FS137XN16 Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319FS137XN18Composite Shield Sock Strain Relief
319FT136XM08 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FT136XM10Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FT136XM12 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FT136XM14 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FT136XM22Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FT136XM24Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FT136XM28Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FT136XMT10Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FT136XMT12Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FT136XMT14 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FT136XMT16 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FT136XMT18Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FT136XMT20Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FT136XMT22 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FT136XMT24Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FT136XMT28 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FT136XW08 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FT136XW10Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FT136XW12 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FT136XW18 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FT136XW20 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FT136XW28 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FW136XM12Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FW136XM14Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FW136XM16 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FW136XM18Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FW136XM22 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FW136XM24Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FW136XM28 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FW136XMT08 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FW136XMT10 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FW136XMT12Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FW136XMT20 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FW136XMT24Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FW136XMT28Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FW136XW12 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FW136XW14Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FW136XW16 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FW136XW18 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FW136XW20 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FW136XW24 Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
319FW136XW28Composite EMI/RFI Shield Sock
557E319MEMI/RFI Banding Backshell Assembly
710-319XM03Composite Split Junction Fitting
710-319XMComposite Split "Y" Junction Fitting

GPTR31902400 V phase controlled SCR

2N5319100V Vcbo, 10A Ic Low frequency power silicon NPN transistor

7319T-1 3/4 subminiature, midget screw lamp. 5.0 volts, 0.115 amps.

C7319Input voltage: 5-15V; amplifier unit

Harris Semiconductor
2N7319DMOSFETs and TempFETs
2N7319HMOSFETs and TempFETs
2N7319RMOSFETs and TempFETs
CA3193AEXOperational Amplifier
CA3193ASOperational Amplifier
CA3193ASXOperational Amplifier
CA3193ATOperational Amplifier
CA3193ATXOperational Amplifier
CA3193BFOperational Amplifier
CA3193EXOperational Amplifier
CA3193SOperational Amplifier
CA3193SXOperational Amplifier
CA3193TOperational Amplifier
CA3193TXOperational Amplifier
HPL1-77319-2Programmable Logic Device (PLD)
HPL1-77319-5Programmable Logic Device (PLD)
HPL1-77319-8Programmable Logic Device (PLD)
HPL3-77319-5Programmable Logic Device (PLD)


Hitachi Semiconductor
2SJ319Silicon P-Channel MOS FET
2SJ319(L)Power switching MOSFET
2SJ319LSilicon P-Channel MOS FET
2SJ319(S)Power switching MOSFET
2SJ319SSilicon P-Channel MOS FET
3SK319Small signal high frequency amplifier field effect (FET) transistor
HL6319GAlGaInP Laser Diodes
HL8319ELaser Diode
HL8319GLaser Diode

HSCH-5319Beam Lead Schottky Diodes for Mixers and Detectors (1 - 26 GHz)

Integrated Device Technology
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