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Description:3A Ultra Low Dropout Positive Voltage Regulator
Datasheet:PDF (273K).
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The TS39301/2/3/4 a re 3A ultra low dropout linear voltage re gulators that provide low voltage, high current outpu t w ith a minimum o f exte rnal components. The TS39301/2/3/4 offers extremely low dropout (typically 400mV at 3A) and low quiescent current (typically 36mA at 3A ). The TS39301/2/3/4 is ideal for PC add-in cards that need to convert from standard 3.3V to 2.5V or 2 .5V to 1.8V. A guaranteed maximum dropout voltage o f 500mV over all o perating conditions allows the TS39301/2/3/4 to p rovide 2.5V from a supply as low as 3V, and 1.8V fro m a supply as low as 2.5V. The TS39301/2/3 /4 also has fast transient response for heavy switching applications. The device requires only 47uF of output capacitor to maintain stability and achieve fast transient response. On the TS39301/2/3/4, the enable pin may be tied to input voltage if it is not required fo r enable control. This series are offe red in 5 -pin TO -220, TO -263 package.

Click here to download TS39303 Datasheet
Click here to download TS39303 Datasheet
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