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Description: Low Voltage/Low Power 8-Bit Dual Supply Bus Switch
Datasheet:PDF (255K).
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The TC7MPB9307 can be connected to two independent power supplies. VCCA supports 1.8-V, 2.5-V and 3.3-V power supplies, whereas VCCB supports 2.5-V, 3.3-V and 5.0V power supplies. Bidirectional level-shifting is possible by simply adding external pull-up resistors between the An/Bn data lines and the VCCA/VCCB supplies. There is no restriction on the relative magnitude of the An and Bn voltages; both the An and Bn data lines can be pulled up to arbitrary power supplies. The Output Enable ( OE ) input controls the connection or isolation of two bus systems on the VCCA and VCCB sides. The OE input is common for all the eight bits of the data lines; thus the TC7MPB9307 is used as a single eight-bit bus switch. When OE is Low, the switch is on, and An is connected to Bn. When OE is High, the switch is open. The TC7MPB9307 supports power-down protection at the OE input, with OE being 5.5-V tolerant. The channels consist of n-type MOSFETs. All the inputs provide protection against electrostatic discharge.

Click here to download TC7MPB9307FK Datasheet
Click here to download TC7MPB9307FK Datasheet
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