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Description:3-1/2 digit analog-to-digital converter with hold. Directly drive LCD display. Low temperature drift internal reference 20 ppm/degC.
Manufacturer:TelCom Semiconductor Inc.
Oper. temp.:0 to 70
Datasheet:PDF (218K).
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The TC7116A/TC7117A are 3-1/2 digit CMOS analogto-digital converters (ADCs) containing all the active components necessary to construct a 0.05% resolution measurement system. Seven-segment decoders, polarity and digit drivers, voltage reference, and clock circuit are integrated on-chip. The TC7116A drives liquid crystal displays (LCDs) and includes a backplane driver. The TC7117A drives common anode light emitting diode (LED) displays directly with an 8-mA drive current per segment. These devices incorporate a display hold (HLDR) function. The displayed reading remains indefinitely, as long as HLDR is held high. Conversions continue, but output data display latches are not updated. The reference

Click here to download TC7116ARCLW Datasheet
Click here to download TC7116ARCLW Datasheet
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