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Description: Multi-band RF frequency synthesizer with integrated VCOs
Manufacturer:SGS-Thomson Microelectronics
Datasheet:PDF (800K).
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The STMicroelectronics STW81102 is an integrated RF synthesizer with voltage controlled oscillators (VCOs). Showing high performance, high integration, low power, and multi-band performances, STW81102 is a low cost one chip alternative to discrete PLL and VCOs solutions. STW81102 includes an Integer-N frequency synthesizer and two fully integrated VCOs featuring low phase noise performance and a noise floor of -155dBc/Hz. The combination of wide frequency range VCOs (thanks to centerfrequency calibration over 32 sub-bands) and multiple output options (direct output, divided by 2 or divided by 4) allows to cover from 750MHz to 905MHz and 1000MHz to 1162.5MHz, from 1500MHz to 1810MHz and 2000MHz to 2325MHz, from 3000MHz to 3620MHz and 4000MHz to 4650MHz bands.

Click here to download STW81102 Datasheet
Click here to download STW81102 Datasheet
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