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Description:Low RON (0.75ohm) 3:1 Negative Swing Audio Source Switch
Manufacturer:Fairchild Semiconductor
Datasheet:PDF (117K).
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The FSA2380 is a Double-Pole, Triple Throw (DP3T) multiplexer that routes three dual-channel sources of data or audio under the control of a single pair of select pins. The FSA2380 has special circuitry on the 1A/2A pins to allow a power-off feature. With the VCC supply removed and voltage on the 1A/2A pins, there is minimal leakage current into the 1A/2A data pins. The FSA2380 also features very low quiescent current and a power-off feature to extend battery life. The low quiescent current feature allows mobile handset applications direct interface with the baseband processor general-purpose I/Os. Typical applications involve switching in portables and consumer applications, such as cell phones, digital cameras, and notebooks with hubs or controllers.

Click here to download 2380 Datasheet
Click here to download 2380 Datasheet
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