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Manufacturer:Advanced Linear Devices, Inc.
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These MOSFETS are designed for exceptional device electrical characteristics matching. As these devices are on the same monolithic chip, they also exhibit excellent temperature tracking characteristics. They are versatile as design components for a broad range of analog applications, and they are basic building blocks for current sources, differential amplifier input stages, transmission gates, and multiplexer applications. Besides matched pair electrical characteristics, each individual MOSFET also exhibits well controlled parameters, enabling the user to depend on tight design limits. Even units from different batches and different date of manufacture have correspondingly well matched characteristics. These depletion mode devices are built for minimum offset voltage and differential thermal response, and they are designed for switching and amplifying applications in single 1.5V to +/-5V systems where low input bias current, low input capacitance and fast switching speed are desired. These devices exhibit well controlled turn-off and sub-threshold charactersitics and therefore can be used in designs that depend on sub-threshold characteristics. The ALD114813/ALD114913 are suitable for use in precision applications which require very high current gain, beta, such as current mirrors and current sources. A sample calculation of the DC current gain at a drain current of 3mA and gate input leakage current of 30pA = 100,000,000. It is recommended that the user, for most applications, connect V+ pin to the most positive voltage potential (or left open unused) and V- and N/C pins to the most negative voltage potential in the system. All other pins must have voltages within these voltage limits.

Click here to download ALD114913SA Datasheet
Click here to download ALD114913SA Datasheet
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