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Description:Quad/dual N-channel matched mosfet array
Manufacturer:Advanced Linear Devices, Inc.
Oper. temp.:0 to 70
Datasheet:PDF (34K).
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The ALD1106/ALD1116 are monolithic quad/dual N-channel enhancement mode matched MOSFET transistor arrays intended for a broad range of precision analog applications. The ALD1106/ALD1116 offer high input impedance and negative current temperature coefficient. The transistor pairs are matched for minimum offset voltage and differential thermal response, and they are designed for switching and amplifying applications in +2V to +12V systems where low input bias current, low input capacitance and fast switching speed are desired. These MOSFET devices feature very large (almost infinite) current gain in a low frequency, or near DC, operating environment. The ALD1106/ALD1116 are building blocks for differential amplifier input stages, transmission gates, and multiplexer applications, current sources and many precision analog circuits.

Click here to download ALD1116PB Datasheet
Click here to download ALD1116PB Datasheet
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