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Description:3.3V 300mA low dropout voltage regulator
Manufacturer:Advanced Monolithic Systems
Oper. temp.:0 to 125
Datasheet:PDF (72K).
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The AMS3102 series consists of positive fixed and adjustable voltage regulators ideally suited for use in battery-powered systems. These devices feature very low quiescent current of 0.3mA or less when supplying 10mA loads. This unique characteristic and the extremely low input-output differential required for proper regulation (0.25V for output currents of 100mA) make the AMS3102 ideal to use for standby power systems. Internal circuitry of AMS3102 is protected from input fault conditions caused by reverse battery installation or input voltages that exceed maximum rated input voltage. During line transients, such as load dump (40V) when the input voltage to the regulator can momentarily exceed the specified maximum operating voltage, the regulator will automatically shut down to protect both internal circuits and the load. The AMS3102 series also includes internal current limiting, thermal shutdown, and is able to withstand temporary power-up with mirror-image insertion. The AMS3102 is offered in the 3-pin TO-92 package, SOT-89, 3 lead SOT-23, 5 lead SOT-23 and 8 lead SOIC packages. The device is provided with On/Off pin in SOT-23 5L and in 8 lead SOIC package.

Click here to download AMS3102S-3.3 Datasheet
Click here to download AMS3102S-3.3 Datasheet
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