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Description:Single power distribution switch
Manufacturer:Advanced Monolithic Systems
Oper. temp.:-40 to 85
Datasheet:PDF (46K).
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The AMS2027 is a power distribution switch intended for application where heavy capacitive loads and short-circuits are likely to be encountered. The high-side switch is a 110m N-channel MOSFET. The switch is controlled by a logic enable input compatible with 3V and 5V logic and is available in active-high or active-low enable. The internal charge pump, designed to control the power switch rise and fall time to minimize current surges during switching, also provides the gate drive. Requiring no external components the charge pump allows operation from supplies as low as 3.3V. When an overload or a short circuit is encountered the AMS2027 limits the output current to a safe level by switching into a constant-current mode and the overcurrent logic output error flag is set to a low. The power dissipation in the switch will be increased by continuous heavy overloads and short circuits; this will cause the junction temperature to rise. The thermal protection circuit shuts the power switch off to prevent damage. Once the device has cooled sufficiently, it will turn on automatic. An under voltage lock-out is provided to insure that the power switch is in the Off state at start-up. The AMS2027 is offered in the 8 lead SOIC package and the 8 lead PDIP package and is rated operational over a -40C to 85C temperature range.

Click here to download AMS2027P Datasheet
Click here to download AMS2027P Datasheet
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