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Description:Matched Monolithic Dual Transistor
Manufacturer:Analog Devices
Datasheet:PDF (873K).
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The MAT01 is a monolithic dual NPN transistor. An exclusive Silicon Nitride "Triple-Passivation" process provides excellent stability of critical parameters over both temperature and time. Matching characteristics include offset voltage of 40 V, temperature drift of 0.15 V/C, and hFE matching of 0.7%. Very high hFE is provided over a six decade range of collector current, including an exceptional hFE of 590 at a collector current of only 10 nA. The high gain at low collector current makes the MAT01 ideal for use in low power, low level input stages.

Click here to download MAT01AH/883C Datasheet
Click here to download MAT01AH/883C Datasheet
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