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Description:10-22V; internally trimmed integrated circuit multiplier for multipication, division, squaring, square rooting
Manufacturer:Analog Devices
Oper. temp.:-55 to 125
Datasheet:PDF (197K).
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The AD532 multiplies in four quadrants with a transfer function of (X1 X2)(Y1 Y2)/10 V, divides in two quadrants with a 10 V Z/(X1 X2) transfer function, and square roots in one quadrant with a transfer function of 10 V Z. In addition to these basic functions, the differential X and Y inputs provide significant operating flexibility both for algebraic computation and transducer instrumentation applications. Transfer functions, such as XY/10 V, (X2 Y2)/10 V, X2/10 V, and 10 V Z/(X1 X2), are easily attained and are extremely useful in many modulation and function generation applications, as well as in trigonometric calculations for airborne navigation and guidance applications, where the monolithic construction and small size of the AD532 offer considerable system advantages. In addition, the high CMRR (75 dB) of the differential inputs makes the AD532 especially well qualified for instrumentation applications, as it can provide an output signal that is the product of two transducergenerated input signals.

Click here to download JM38510/13903BCA Datasheet
Click here to download JM38510/13903BCA Datasheet
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