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Description: dBCool Remote Thermal Monitor and Fan Controller with PECI Interface
Manufacturer:Analog Devices
Datasheet:PDF (1.57M).
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The ADT7490 is a dBCool thermal monitor and multiple PWM fan controller for noise-sensitive or power-sensitive applications requiring active system cooling. The ADT7490 includes a local temperature sensor, two remote temperature sensors including series resistance cancellation, and monitors CPU temperature with a PECI interface. The ADT7490 can drive a fan using either a low or high frequency drive signal, and measure and control the speed of up to four fans so they operate at the lowest possible speed for minimum acoustic noise. The automatic fan speed control loop optimizes fan speed for a given temperature using the PECI, remote, or local temperature information. The effectiveness of the system's thermal solution can be monitored using the THERM input. The ADT7490 also provides critical thermal protection to the system using the bidirectional THERM/SMBALERT pin as an output to prevent system or component overheating.

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