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Description:Ultralow Offset Voltage Dual Op Amp
Manufacturer:Analog Devices
Datasheet:PDF (415K).
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The AD708 is a very high precision, dual monolithic operational amplifier. Each amplifier individually offers excellent dc precision with the best available max offset voltage and offset voltage drift of any dual bipolar op amp. In addition, the matching specifications are the best available in any dual op amp. The AD708 sets a new standards for dual precision op amps by providing 5 V/V min open loop gain and guaranteed max input voltage noise of 350 nV p-p (0.1 Hz to 10 Hz). All dc specifications show excellent stability over temperature, with offset voltage drift typically 0.1 V/C and input bias current drift of 25 pA/C max. Both CMRR (130 dB min) and PSRR (120 dB min) are an order of magnitude improved over any available single monolithic op amp except the AD707. The AD708 is available in four performance grades. The AD708J is rated over the commercial temperature range of 0C to +70C and jis available in a plastic mini-DIP package. The AD708A and AD708B are rated over the industrial temperature range of 40C to +85C and are available in a cerdip and TO99 package. The AD708S is rated over the military temperature range of 55C to +125C and is available in cerdip and TO-99 packages. Military versions are available processed to MILSTD-883B, Rev. C.

Click here to download AMPAD708 Datasheet
Click here to download AMPAD708 Datasheet
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