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Description:CMOS 80 MHz, Triple 10-Bit Video DACs
Manufacturer:Analog Devices
Datasheet:PDF (196K).
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The ADV7121/ADV7122 (ADV ) is a video speed, digital-toanalog converter on a single monolithic chip. The part is specifically designed for high resolution color graphics and video systems including high definition television (HDTV). It is also ideal for any application requiring a low cost, high speed DAC function especially in communications. It consists of three, high speed, 10-bit, video D/A converters (RGB), a standard TTL input interface and high impedance, analog output, current sources. The ADV7121/ADV7122 has three separate, 10-bit, pixel input ports, one each for red, green and blue video data. A single +5 V power supply, an external 1.23 V reference and pixel clock input is all that is required to make the part operational. The ADV7122 has additional video control signals, composite SYNC and BLANK. The ADV7121/ADV7122 is capable of generating RGB video output signals which are compatible with RS-343A, RS-170 and most proposed production system HDTV video standards, including SMPTE 240M. The ADV7121/ADV7122 is fabricated in a +5 V CMOS process. Its monolithic CMOS construction ensures greater functionality with low power dissipation. The ADV7121 is packaged in a 0.6", 40-pin plastic DIP package. The ADV7122 is packADV is a registered trademark of Analog Devices, Inc. *Speed grades up to 140 MHz are also available on special request. Please contact Analog Devices or its representatives for details.

Click here to download ADV7122KP50-REEL Datasheet
Click here to download ADV7122KP50-REEL Datasheet
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