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Description:6V; 800mW; ultralow cost video codec. For PC video editing, remote CCTV surveillance, digital camcorders, digital video tape
Manufacturer:Analog Devices
Oper. temp.:0 to 70
Datasheet:PDF (472K).
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The ADV601LC is an ultralow cost, single chip, dedicated function, all digital CMOS VLSI device capable of supporting visually loss-less to 350:1 real-time compression and decompression of CCIR-601 digital video at very high image quality levels. The chip integrates glueless video and host interfaces with on-chip SRAM to permit low part count, system level implementations suitable for a broad range of applications. The ADV601LC is 100% bitstream compatible with the ADV601. The ADV601LC is a video encoder/decoder optimized for realtime compression and decompression of interlaced digital video. All features of the ADV601LC are designed to yield high performance at a breakthrough systems-level cost. Additionally, the unique sub-band coding architecture of the ADV601LC offers you many application-specific advantages. A review of the General Theory of Operation and Applying the ADV601LC sections will help you get the most use out of the ADV601LC in any given application.

Click here to download ADV601LCJST Datasheet
Click here to download ADV601LCJST Datasheet
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