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Description:Low Noise Micropower Precision Voltage 5.0 V Reference
Manufacturer:Analog Devices
Datasheet:PDF (136K).
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The ADR293 is a low noise, micropower precision voltage reference that utilizes an XFET (eXtra implanted junction FET) reference circuit. The new XFET architecture offers significant performance improvements over traditional bandgap and buried Zener-based references. Improvements include: one quarter the voltage noise output of bandgap references operating at the same current, very low and ultralinear temperature drift, low thermal hysteresis and excellent long-term stability. The ADR293 is a series voltage reference providing stable and accurate output voltage from a 6.0 V supply. Quiescent current is only 15 A max, making this device ideal for battery powered instrumentation. Three electrical grades are available offering initial output accuracy of 3 mV, 6 mV, and 10 mV. Temperature coefficients for the three grades are 8 ppm/C, 15 ppm/C and 25 ppm/C max. Line regulation and load regulation are typically 30 ppm/V and 30 ppm/mA, maintaining the reference's overall high performance.

Click here to download ADR293GRU Datasheet
Click here to download ADR293GRU Datasheet
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