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Description:0.3-7V; 2-phase IMVP-II & IMVP-III core controller for mobile CPU
Manufacturer:Analog Devices
Oper. temp.:0 to 100
Datasheet:PDF (153K).
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The ADP3203 is a 1 or 2-phase hysteretic peak current DC-DC buck converter controller dedicated to power a mobile processor's core. The optimized low voltage design is powered from the 3.3 V system supply and draws only 10 A maximum in shutdown. The nominal output voltage is set by a 5-bit VID code. To accommodate the transition time required by the newest processors for on-the-fly VID changes, the ADP3203 features high-speed operation to allow a minimized inductor size that results in the fastest change of current to the output. To further allow for the minimum number of output capacitors to be used, the ADP3203 features active voltage positioning with ADOPTTM optimal compensation to ensure a superior load transient response. The output signal interfaces with the ADP3415 MOSFET driver that is optimized for high speed and high efficiency for driving both the top and bottom MOSFETs of the buck converter. The ADP3203 is capable of controlling the synchronous rectifier to extend battery lifetime in light load conditions.

Click here to download ADP3203JRU-1.0-RL Datasheet
Click here to download ADP3203JRU-1.0-RL Datasheet
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