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Description: Configurable, Dual 2 A/Single 4 A, Synchronous Step-Down DC-to-DC Regulator
Manufacturer:Analog Devices
Datasheet:PDF (2.68M).
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The ADP2114 is a versatile, synchronous step-down, switching regulator that satisfies a wide range of customer point-of-load requirements. The two PWM channels can be configured to deliver independent outputs at 2 A and 2 A (or 3 A/1 A) or can be configured as a single interleaved output capable of delivering 4 A. The two PWM channels are 180 phase shifted to reduce input ripple current and to reduce input capacitance. The ADP2114 provides high efficiency and operates at switching frequencies of up to 2 MHz. At light loads, the ADP2114 can be set to operate in pulse skip mode for higher efficiency or in forced PWM mode to reduce EMI.

Click here to download ADP2114 Datasheet
Click here to download ADP2114 Datasheet
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