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Description: 11.1 Gbps 3.3V Transimpedance Amplifier
Manufacturer:Analog Devices
Datasheet:PDF (149K).
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The ADN2821_2/5/10 are a series of compact, high performance SiGe 3.3V power supply Trans-impedance Amplifiers (TIAs) optimized for small form factor 10Gbps Metro-Access and Ethernet PD-TIA modules. The ADN2821 series features low input referred noise current and a range of trans-impedance gains, suitable for driving a typical CDR or transceiver directly. 8GHz minimum BW enables up to 11.1Gbps operation; 1.1A input referred noise current enables -19dBm sensitivity; 3.25dBm input overload current at a 10dB extinction ratio. RSSI output signal proportional to average input current is available for monitoring and alarm generation. For assembly in small form factor packages, the ADN2821 series integrates a photodiode filter RFCF network on chip and features 25kHz low frequency cutoff with small 0.5nF external capacitor The ADN2821 operates with a 3.3V 0.3V power supply and is available in die form.

Click here to download ADN2821XCHIP-10KWP Datasheet
Click here to download ADN2821XCHIP-10KWP Datasheet
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