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Description:Charge Pump Regulator & COM Driver for Color TFT Panel
Manufacturer:Analog Devices
Datasheet:PDF (166K).
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The ADM8840 combines a charge pump regulator and a Common Line (COM) driver in a single chip solution for use in TFT LCD's. The device provides an LCD controller and grayscale DAC supply voltage of 5.0V (2%), 2 gate drive voltages of +15V and -15V and a COM driver voltage. This COM Driver voltage alternates the polarity of the Common line voltage every line (or every frame) on the display in order to prevent screen-burn occuring over time. The ADM8840 is powered by a single 3.0V supply.

Click here to download ADM8840ACP-U1 Datasheet
Click here to download ADM8840ACP-U1 Datasheet
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