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Description:RF/IF Vector Multiplier
Manufacturer:Analog Devices
Datasheet:PDF (716K).
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The ADL5390 vector multiplier consists of a matched pair of broadband variable gain amplifiers whose outputs are summed. The separate gain controls for each amplifier are linear-inmagnitude. If the two input RF signals are in quadrature, the vector multiplier can be configured as a vector modulator or as a variable attenuator/phase shifter by using the gain control pins as Cartesian variables. In this case, the output amplitude can be controlled from a maximum of +5 dB to less than 30 dB, and the phase can be shifted continuously over the entire 360 range. Since the signal paths are linear, the original modulation on the inputs is preser ved. If the two signals are independent, then the vector multiplier can function as a 2:1 multiplexer or can provide fading from one channel to another. The ADL5390 operates over a wide frequency range of 20 MHz to 2400 MHz. For a maximum gain setting on one channel at 380 MHz, the ADL5390 delivers an OP1dB of 11 dBm, an OIP3 of 24 dBm, and an output noise floor of -148 dBm/Hz. The gain and phase matching between the two VGAs is better than 0.5 dB and 1, respectively, over most of the operating range.

Click here to download ADL5390ACPZ-REEL71 Datasheet
Click here to download ADL5390ACPZ-REEL71 Datasheet
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