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Description:400 MHz to 6 GHz Quadrature Demodulator
Manufacturer:Analog Devices
Datasheet:PDF (840K).
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The ADL5380 is a broadband quadrature I-Q demodulator that covers an RF/IF input frequency range from 400 MHz to 6 GHz. With a NF = 10.9 dB, IP1dB = 11.6 dBm, and IIP3 = 29.7 dBm @ 900 MHz, the ADL5380 demodulator offers outstanding dynamic range suitable for the demanding infrastructure direct-conversion requirements. The differential RF inputs provide a well-behaved broadband input impedance of 50 and are best driven from a 1:1 balun for optimum performance. Excellent demodulation accuracy is achieved with amplitude and phase balances of ~0.07 dB and ~0.2, respectively. The demodulated in-phase (I) and quadrature (Q) differential outputs are fully buffered and provide a voltage conversion gain of ~7 dB. The buffered baseband outputs are capable of driving a 2 V p-p differential signal into 200 .

Click here to download ADL5380ACPZ-WP Datasheet
Click here to download ADL5380ACPZ-WP Datasheet
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