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Description:Dual 900MHz Balanced Mixer with Low Side LO Buffer, IF Amp, and RF Balun
Manufacturer:Analog Devices
Datasheet:PDF (479K).
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The ADL5360 utilizes two highly linear doubly balanced passive mixer cores along with integrated RF and LO balancing circuitry to enable single-ended operation. The ADL5360 incorporates two RF baluns allowing for optimal main and diversity mixer performance over a 700 to 1000 MHz RF input frequency range using low-side LO injection. The balanced passive mixer arrangement provides good LO to RF leakage, typically better than -25dBm, and excellent intermodulation performance. The balanced mixer cores also provide extremely high input linearity allowing the device to be used in demanding cellular applications where in-band blocking signals may otherwise result in the degradation of dynamic performance. High linearity IF buffer amps follow the passive mixer cores, to yield a typical power conversion gain of 9.5dB. (For a higher IIP3 version of the dual mixer without the IF amplifiers, please contact the factory).

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