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Description:120 dB Range (3 nA to 3 mA) Dual Logarithmic Converter
Manufacturer:Analog Devices
Datasheet:PDF (659K).
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The ADL5310 employs an optimized translinear structure that use the accurate logarithmic relationship between a bipolar transistor's base emitter voltage and collector current, with appropriate scaling by precision currents to compensate for the inherent temperature dependence. Input and reference current pins sink current ranging from 3 nA to 3 mA (limited to 60 dB between input and reference) into a fixed voltage defined by the VSUM potential. The VSUM potential is internally set to 500 mV but may be externally grounded for dual-supply operation, and for additional applications requiring voltage inputs.

Click here to download ADL5310ACP-REEL7 Datasheet
Click here to download ADL5310ACP-REEL7 Datasheet
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