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Description:Rail-to-Rail, Very Fast, 2.5 V to 5.5 V, Single-Supply TTL/CMOS Comparator in a 12-lead LSCFP Package.
Manufacturer:Analog Devices
Datasheet:PDF (306K).
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The ADCMP603 is a very fast comparator fabricated on Analog Devices' proprietary XFCB2 process. This comparator is exceptionally versatile and easy to use. Features include an input range from VEE - 0.5 V to VCC + 0.5 V, low noise complementary TTL-/CMOS-compatible output drivers, and latch inputs with adjustable hysteresis and/or a shutdown input. The device offers 3 ns propagation delay with 5 mV overdrive on 4 mA typical supply current. A flexible power supply scheme allows the device to operate with a single +2.5 V positive supply and a -0.5 V to +3.0 V input signal range up to a +5.5 V positive supply with a -0.5 V to +6 V input signal range. Split input/output supplies with no sequencing restrictions support a wide input signal range while

Click here to download ADCMP603BCPZ-R2 Datasheet
Click here to download ADCMP603BCPZ-R2 Datasheet
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