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Description:Comparator & 0.6 V Reference in 4-SC70 with Push-Pull Active Low Output
Manufacturer:Analog Devices
Datasheet:PDF (210K).
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The ADCMP350/ADCMP352/ADCMP354/ADCMP356 parts are comparator and reference circuits suitable for use in general-purpose applications. The high voltage input and output structures will allow voltages of up to 22 V on the input of all devices and the output of the open-drain devices. High performance over the -40C to +125C temperature range makes them suitable for use in automotive and other thermally harsh applications, while low power consumption and spaceefficient SC70 packaging make them ideal for batter y-powered portable equipment.

Click here to download ADCMP356YKSZ-REEL7 Datasheet
Click here to download ADCMP356YKSZ-REEL7 Datasheet
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