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Description:12-/14-Bit Mixed Signal Front-End (MxFE®) Processor for Broadband Communications
Manufacturer:Analog Devices
Datasheet:PDF (617K).
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The AD9860 and AD9862 (AD9860/AD9862) are versatile integrated mixed-signal front-ends (MxFE) that are optimized for broadband communication markets. The AD9860/AD9862 are cost effective, mixed signal solutions for wireless or wireline standards based or proprietary broadband modem systems where dynamic performance, power dissipation, cost, and size are all critical attributes. The AD9860 has 10-bit ADCs and 12-bit DACs; the AD9862 has 12-bit ADCs and 14-bit DACs. The AD9860/AD9862 receive path (Rx) consists of two channels that each include a high performance, 10-/12-bit, 64 MSPS analogto-digital converter (ADC), input buffer, Programmable Gain Amplifier (RxPGA), digital Hilbert filter, and decimation filter. The Rx can be used to receive real, diversity, or I/Q data at baseband or low IF. The input buffers provide a constant input impedance for both channels to ease impedance matching with external components (e.g., SAW filter). The RxPGA provides a 20 dB gain

Click here to download AD9862BSTZRL Datasheet
Click here to download AD9862BSTZRL Datasheet
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