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Description:Complete 14-Bit CCD/CIS Signal Processor
Manufacturer:Analog Devices
Datasheet:PDF (160K).
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The AD9814 is a complete analog signal processor for CCD imaging applications. It features a 3-channel architecture designed to sample and condition the outputs of trilinear color CCD arrays. Each channel consists of an input clamp, Correlated Double Sampler (CDS), offset DAC and Programmable Gain Amplifier (PGA), multiplexed to a high performance 14bit A/D converter. The CDS amplifiers may be disabled for use with sensors such as Contact Image Sensors (CIS) and CMOS active pixel sensors, which do not require CDS. The 14-bit digital output is multiplexed into an 8-bit output word that is accessed using two read cycles. The internal registers are programmed through a 3-wire serial interface, and provide adjustment of the gain, offset, and operating mode. The AD9814 operates from a single +5 V power supply, typically consumes 330 mW of power, and is packaged in a 28-lead SOIC.

Click here to download AD9814KR Datasheet
Click here to download AD9814KR Datasheet
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