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Description:Ultrahigh Speed IC D/A Converter
Manufacturer:Analog Devices
Datasheet:PDF (103K).
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The Analog Devices AD9768SD D/A converter is a monolithic current-output converter which can accept 8 bits of ECL-level digital input voltages and convert them into analog signals at update rates as high as 100 MSPS. In addition to its use as a standard D/A converter, it can also be utilized as a two-quadrant multiplying D/A at multiplying bandwidths as high as 40 MHz. An inherently low glitch design is used, and the complementary current outputs are suitable for driving transmission lines directly. Nominal full-scale output is 20 mA, which corresponds to a 1 volt drop across a 50 load, or 1 volt across 100 returned to +1 volt. The actual output current is determined by the on-chip reference voltage (VREF 1.26 V) and an external current setting resistor, RSET. Full-scale output current IOUT with digital "1" at all inputs is calculated with the equation:

Click here to download AD9768SE Datasheet
Click here to download AD9768SE Datasheet
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