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Description:Dual, Low Noise, Wideband Variable Gain Amplifiers
Manufacturer:Analog Devices
Datasheet:PDF (669K).
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The AD600 and AD602 dual channel, low noise variable gain amplifiers are optimized for use in ultrasound imaging systems, but are applicable to any application requiring very precise gain, low noise and distortion, and wide bandwidth. Each independent channel provides a gain of 0 dB to +40 dB in the AD600 and 10 dB to +30 dB in the AD602. The lower gain of the AD602 results in an improved signal-to-noise ratio at the output. However, both products have the same 1.4 nV/Hz input noise spectral density. The decibel gain is directly proportional to the control voltage, is accurately calibrated, and is supplyand temperature-stable. To achieve the difficult performance objectives, a proprietary circuit form--the X-AMP--has been developed. Each channel of the X-AMP comprises a variable attenuator of 0 dB to 42.14 dB followed by a high speed fixed gain amplifier. In this way, the amplifier never has to cope with large inputs, and can benefit from the use of negative feedback to precisely define the gain and dynamics. The attenuator is realized as a seven-stage R-2R ladder network having an input resistance of 100 , lasertrimmed to 2%. The attenuation between tap points is 6.02 dB; the gain-control circuit provides continuous interpolation between these taps. The resulting control function is linear in dB. X-AMP is a registered trademark of Analog Devices, Inc. *Patented.

Click here to download AD883B3 Datasheet
Click here to download AD883B3 Datasheet
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