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Description:8 MHz Rail-to-Rail Operational Amplifier
Manufacturer:Analog Devices
Datasheet:PDF (123K).
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The AD8519 and AD8529 are rail-to-rail output bipolar amplifiers with a unity gain bandwidth of 8 MHz and a typical voltage offset of less than 1 mV. The AD8519 brings precision and bandwidth to the SOT-23 package. The low supply current makes the AD8519/AD8529 ideal for battery powered applications. The rail-to-rail output swing of the AD8519/AD8529 is larger than standard video op amps, making them useful in applications that require greater dynamic range than standard video op amps. The +2.7 V/s slew rate makes the AD8529/AD8549 a good match for driving ASIC inputs such as voice codecs.

Click here to download AD8529 Datasheet
Click here to download AD8529 Datasheet
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