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Description:60 MHz, 2000 V/µms Monolithic Op Amp
Manufacturer:Analog Devices
Datasheet:PDF (493K).
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The AD844 is a high speed monolithic operational amplifier fabricated using Analog Devices' junction isolated complementary bipolar (CB) process. It combines high bandwidth and very fast large signal response with excellent dc performance. Although optimized for use in current to voltage applications and as an inverting mode amplifier, it is also suitable for use in many noninverting applications. The AD844 can be used in place of traditional op amps, but its current feedback architecture results in much better ac performance, high linearity and an exceptionally clean pulse response. This type of op amp provides a closed-loop bandwidth which is determined primarily by the feedback resistor and is almost independent of the closed-loop gain. The AD844 is free from the slew rate limitations inherent in traditional op amps and other current-feedback op amps. Peak output rate of change can be over 2000 V/s for a full 20 V output step. Settling time is typically 100 ns to 0.1%, and essentially independent of gain. The AD844 can drive 50 loads to 2.5 V with low distortion and is short circuit protected to 80 mA. The AD844 is available in four performance grades and three package options. In the 16-pin SOIC (R) package, the AD844J is specified for the commercial temperature range of 0C to +70C. The AD844A and AD844B are specified for the industrial temperature range of 40C to +85C and are available in the cerdip (Q) package. The AD844A is also available in an 8-pin plastic mini-DIP (N). The AD844S is specified over the military temperature range of 55C to +125C. It is available in the 8-pin cerdip (Q) package. "A" and "S" grade chips and devices processed to MIL-STD-883B, REV. C are also available.

Click here to download AD844 Datasheet
Click here to download AD844 Datasheet
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