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Description:xDSL Line Driver 3 V to 12 V with Power-Down
Manufacturer:Analog Devices
Datasheet:PDF (278K).
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The AD8391 consists of two parallel, low cost xDSL line drive amplifiers capable of driving low distortion signals while running on both 3 V to 12 V single-supply or equivalent dual-supply rails. It is primarily intended for use in single-supply xDSL systems where low power is essential, such as line powered and battery backup systems. Each amplifier output drives more than 250 mA of current while maintaining 82 dBc of SFDR at 100 kHz on 12 V, outstanding performance for any xDSL CPE application. The AD8391 provides a flexible power-down feature consisting of a 1-pin digital control line. This allows biasing of the AD8391 to full power (Logic "1"), Standby (Logic "tri-state" maintains low amplifier output impedance), and Shutdown (Logic "0" places amplifier outputs in a high impedance state). PWDN is referenced to VS. Fabricated on ADI's high-speed XFCB process, the high bandwidth and fast slew rate of the AD8391 keep distortion to a minimum, while dissipating a minimum of power. The quiescent current of the AD8391 is low; 19 mA total static current draw. The AD8391 comes in a compact 8-lead SOIC "Thermal Coastline" package, and operates over the temperature range 40C to +85C.

Click here to download AD8391 Datasheet
Click here to download AD8391 Datasheet
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