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Description:50 Hz to 2.7 GHz 60 dB TruPwr?? Detector
Manufacturer:Analog Devices
Datasheet:PDF (700K).
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The AD8362 is a true rms-responding power detector that has a 60 dB measurement range. It is intended for use in a variety of high frequency communication systems and in instrumentation requiring an accurate response to signal power. It is easy to use, requiring only a single supply of 5 V and a few capacitors. It can operate from arbitrarily low frequencies to over 2.7 GHz and can accept inputs that have rms values from 1 mV to at least 1 V rms, with peak crest factors of up to 6, exceeding the requirements for accurate measurement of CDMA signals. The input signal is applied to a resistive ladder attenuator that comprises the input stage of a variable gain amplifier. The 12 tap points are smoothly interpolated using a proprietary technique to provide a continuously variable attenuator, which is controlled by a voltage applied to the VSET pin. The resulting signal is applied to a high performance broadband amplifier. Its output is measured by an accurate square-law detector cell. The fluctuating output is then filtered and compared with the output of an identical squarer, whose input is a fixed dc voltage applied to the VTGT pin, usually the accurate reference of 1.25 V provided at the VREF pin.

Click here to download AD8362ARUZ1 Datasheet
Click here to download AD8362ARUZ1 Datasheet
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