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Description:50-1000 MHz Quadrature Demodulator
Manufacturer:Analog Devices
Datasheet:PDF (778K).
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The AD8348 is a broadband quadrature demodulator with an integrated intermediate frequency (IF) variable-gain amplifier (VGA) and integrated baseband amplifiers. It is suitable for use in communications receivers, performing quadrature demodulation from IF directly to baseband frequencies. The baseband amplifiers have been designed to directly interface with dual channel A-to-D converters such as the AD9201, AD9283, and AD9218 for digitizing and post-processing. The IF input signal is fed into two Gilbert-cell mixers through an X-AMP VGA. The IF VGA provides 45dB of gain control. A precision gain-control circuit sets a linear-in-dB gain characteristic for the VGA and provides temperature compensation. The LO quadrature phase splitter employs a divide-by-two frequency divider to achieve high quadrature accuracy and amplitude balance over the entire operating frequency range. Optionally, the IF VGA can be disabled and bypassed. In this mode, the IF signal is applied directly to the quadrature mixer inputs via pins MXIP and MXIN.

Click here to download AD8348XXX Datasheet
Click here to download AD8348XXX Datasheet
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