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Description:500 MHz Four-Quadrant Multiplier
Manufacturer:Analog Devices
Datasheet:PDF (258K).
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The AD834 is a monolithic laser-trimmed four-quadrant analog multiplier intended for use in high frequency applications, having a transconductance bandwidth (RL = 50 ) in excess of 500 MHz from either of the differential voltage inputs. In multiplier modes, the typical total full-scale error is 0.5%, dependent on the application mode and the external circuitry. Performance is relatively insensitive to temperature and supply variations, due to the use of stable biasing based on a bandgap reference generator and other design features. To preserve the full bandwidth potential of the high speed bipolar process used to fabricate the AD834, the outputs appear as a differential pair of currents at open collectors. To provide a single ended ground referenced voltage output, some form of external current to voltage conversion is needed. This may take the form of a wideband transformer, balun, or active circuitry such as an op amp. In some applications (such as power measurement) the subsequent signal processing may not need to have high bandwidth.

Click here to download AD834 Datasheet
Click here to download AD834 Datasheet
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