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Description:General-Purpose, Low Cost, DC-Coupled VGA
Manufacturer:Analog Devices
Datasheet:PDF (791K).
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The AD8337 is a low noise, single-ended, linear-in-dB, generalpurpose variable gain amplifier (VGA) usable at frequencies from dc to 100 MHz; the -3 dB bandwidth is 280 MHz. Excellent bandwidth uniformity across the entire gain range and low output-referred noise makes the AD8337 ideal for gain trim applications and for driving high speed analog-todigital converters (ADCs). Excellent dc characteristics combined with high speed make the AD8337 particularly suited for industrial ultrasound, PET scanners, and video applications. Dual-supply operation enables gain control of negative-going pulses such as generated by photodiodes or photomultiplier tubes. The AD8337 uses the popular and versatile X-AMP architecture, exclusively from Analog Devices, Inc., with a gain range of 24 dB. The gain control interface provides precise linear-in-dB scaling of 19.7 dB/V, referenced to VCOM.

Click here to download AD8337-EVAL-INV Datasheet
Click here to download AD8337-EVAL-INV Datasheet
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