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Description: General-Purpose, −55 to +125, Wide Bandwidth, DC-Coupled VGA
Manufacturer:Analog Devices
Datasheet:PDF (1.01M).
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The AD8336 is a low noise, single-ended, linear-in-dB, generalpurpose variable gain amplifier, usable over a large range of supply voltages. It features an uncommitted preamplifier (preamp) with a usable gain range of 6 dB to 26 dB established by external resistors in the classical manner. The VGA gain range is 0 dB to 60 dB, and its absolute gain limits are -26 dB to +34 dB. When the preamplifier gain is adjusted for 12 dB, the combined 3 dB bandwidth of the preamp and VGA is 100 MHz, and the amplifier is fully usable to 80 MHz. With 5 V supplies, the maximum output swing is 2 V p-p. Thanks to its X-Amp architecture, excellent bandwidth uniformity is maintained across the entire gain range of the VGA. Intended for a broad spectrum of applications, the differential gain control interface provides precise linear-in-dB gain scaling of 50 dB/V over the temperature span of -55C to +125 C. The differential gain control is easy to interface with a variety of external circuits within the common-mode voltage limits of the AD8336.

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