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Description:Low Cost DC-150 MHz Variable Gain Amplifier
Manufacturer:Analog Devices
Datasheet:PDF (726K).
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The AD83301 is a wideband variable gain amplifier for applications requiring a fully differential signal path, low noise, well-defined gain, and moderately low distortion, from dc to 150 MHz. The input pins can also be driven from a single-ended source. The peak differential input is 2 V, allowing sine wave operation at 1 V rms with generous headroom. The output pins can drive single-sided loads essentially rail-to-rail. The differential output resistance is 150 . The output swing is a linear function of the voltage applied to the VMAG pin that internally defaults to 0.5 V providing a peak output of 2 V. This can be raised to 10 V p-p, limited by the supply voltage. The basic gain function is linear-in-dB, controlled by the voltage applied to Pin VDBS. The gain ranges from 0 dB to 50 dB for control voltages between 0 V and 1.5 V--a slope of 30 mV dB. The gain linearity is typically within 0.1 dB. By changing the logic level on Pin MODE, the gain decreases over the same range, with an opposite slope. A second gain control port is provided at the VMAG pin and allows the user to vary the numeric gain from a factor of 0.03 to 10. All the parameters of the AD8330 have low sensitivities to temperature and supply voltages. 1

Click here to download AD8330ACPZ-R7 Datasheet
Click here to download AD8330ACPZ-R7 Datasheet
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