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Description:Low Power, Wide Supply Range, Low Cost Unity-Gain Difference Amplifiers
Manufacturer:Analog Devices
Datasheet:PDF (542K).
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The AD8276/AD8277 are general-purpose, unity-gain difference amplifiers intended for precision signal conditioning in power critical applications that require both high performance and low power. They provide exceptional common-mode rejection ratio (86 dB) and high bandwidth while amplifying signals well beyond the supply rails. The on-chip resistors are laser-trimmed for excellent gain accuracy and high CMRR. They also have extremely low gain drift vs. temperature. The common-mode range of the amplifiers extends to almost double the supply voltage, making these amplifiers ideal for singlesupply applications that require a high common-mode voltage range. The internal resistors and ESD circuitry at the inputs also provide overvoltage protection to the op amps. The AD8276/AD8277 are unity-gain stable. While they are optimized for use as difference amplifiers, they can also be connected in high precision, single-ended configurations with G = -1, +1, +2. The AD8276/AD8277 provide an integrated precision solution that has smaller size, lower cost, and better performance than a discrete alternative. The AD8276/AD8277 operate on single supplies (2.0 V to 36 V) or dual supplies (2 V to 18 V). The maximum quiescent supply current is 200 A per channel, which is ideal for batteryoperated and portable systems.

Click here to download AD8276ARMZ Datasheet
Click here to download AD8276ARMZ Datasheet
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