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Description:Low Cost, High Speed Differential Amplifier
Manufacturer:Analog Devices
Datasheet:PDF (597K).
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The AD8132 is a low cost differential or single-ended input to differential output amplifier with resistor settable gain. The AD8132 is a major advancement over op amps for driving differential input ADCs or for driving signals over long lines. The AD8132 has a unique internal feedback feature that provides output gain and phase matching balanced to -68 dB at 10 MHz, suppressing harmonics and reducing radiated EMI. Manufactured using ADI's next generation XFCB bipolar process, the AD8132 has a -3 dB bandwidth of 350 MHz and delivers a differential signal with -99 dBc SFDR at 5 MHz, despite its low cost. The AD8132 eliminates the need for a transformer with high performance ADCs, preserving the low frequency and dc information. The common-mode level of the differential output is adjustable by applying a voltage on the VOCM pin, easily level shifting the input signals for driving single-supply ADCs. Fast overload recovery preserves sampling accuracy.

Click here to download AD8132ARZ Datasheet
Click here to download AD8132ARZ Datasheet
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