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Description:Triple Skew-Compensating Video Delay Line with Analog and Digital Control
Manufacturer:Analog Devices
Datasheet:PDF (455K).
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The AD8120 is a triple broadband skew-compensating delay line that corrects for time mismatch between video signals incurred by transmission in unshielded twisted pairs of Category 5 and Category 6 type cables. Skew between the individual pairs exists in most types of multipair UTP cables due to the different twist rates that are used for each pair to minimize crosstalk between pairs. For this reason, some pairs are longer than others, and in long cables, the difference in propagation time between two pairs can be well into the tens of nanoseconds. The AD8120 contains three delay paths that provide broadband delays up to 50 ns, in 0.8 ns increments, using 64 digital control steps or analog control adjustment. The delay technique used in the AD8120 minimizes noise and offset at the outputs. The bandwidth of the AD8120 ranges from 150 MHz to 200 MHz, depending on the delay setting. This wide bandwidth makes the AD8120 ideal for use in applications that receive high resolution video over UTP cables.

Click here to download AD8120ACPZ-R2 Datasheet
Click here to download AD8120ACPZ-R2 Datasheet
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