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Description:1000mW; LC2MOS 12-bit, 750kHz/1MHz, sampling ADC. For digital signal processing, speech recognition and systhesis, spectrum analysis, DSP servo control
Manufacturer:Analog Devices
Oper. temp.:-40 to 85
Datasheet:PDF (365K).
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The AD7886 is a 12-bit ADC with a sample-and-hold amplifier offering high speed performance combined with low power dissipation. The AD7886 is a triple pass flash ADC that uses 15 comparators in a 4-bit flash technique to achieve 12-bit accuracy in 1 s/750 ns conversion time. An on-chip clock oscillator provides the appropriate timing for each of the three conversion stages, eliminating the need for any external clocks. Acquisition time of the sample-and-hold amplifier gives a resulting throughput rate of 750 kHz/1 MHz.* The AD7886 operates from 5 V power supplies. Pin-strappable inputs offer a choice of three analog input ranges: 0 V to 5 V, 0 V to 10 V or 5 V.

Click here to download AD7886BD Datasheet
Click here to download AD7886BD Datasheet
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