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Description:0.3-7V; 450mW; 10-bit digital temperature sensor and 4-/single-channel ADC. For data caquisition with ambient temperature monitoring, industrial process control, automotive, battery charging ammplications, personal computers
Manufacturer:Analog Devices
Oper. temp.:-55 to 85
Datasheet:PDF (232K).
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The temperature sensor on the parts can be accessed via multiplexer Channel 0. When Channel 0 is selected and a conversion is initiated, the resulting ADC code at the end of the conversion gives a measurement of the ambient temperature ( 1C @ 25C). On-chip registers can be programmed with high and low temperature limits, and an open drain Over-Temperature Indicator (OTI) output is provided, which becomes active when a programmed limit is exceeded. A configuration register allows programming of the sense of the OTI output (active high or active low) and its operating mode (comparator or interrupt). A programmable fault queue counter allows the number of out of limit measurements that must occur before triggering the OTI output to be set, to prevent spurious triggering of the OTI output in noisy environments.

Click here to download AD7417AR Datasheet
Click here to download AD7417AR Datasheet
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