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Description:LC2MOS Dual 12-Bit Serial DACPORT
Manufacturer:Analog Devices
Datasheet:PDF (149K).
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The AD7249 DACPORT contains a pair of 12-bit, voltageoutput, digital-to-analog converters with output amplifiers and Zener voltage reference on a monolithic CMOS chip. No external trims are required to achieve full specified performance. The output amplifiers are capable of developing +10 V across a 2 k load. The output voltage ranges with single supply operation are 0 V to +5 V or 0 V to +10 V, while an additional bipolar 5 V output range is available with dual supplies. The ranges are selected using the internal gain resistor. Interfacing to the AD7249 is serial, minimizing pin count and allowing a small package size. Standard control signals allow interfacing to most DSP processors and microcontrollers. The data stream consists of 16 bits, DB15 to DB13 are don't care bits, the 13th bit (DB12) is used as the channel select bit and the remaining 12 bits (DB11 to DB0) contain the data to update the DAC. The 16-bit data word is clocked into the input register on each falling SCLK edge.

Click here to download AD7249BRZ-REEL Datasheet
Click here to download AD7249BRZ-REEL Datasheet
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