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Description:Picoampere Input Current Bipolar Op Amp
Manufacturer:Analog Devices
Datasheet:PDF (451K).
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The AD705 is a low power bipolar op amp that has the low input bias current of a BiFET amplifier but which offers a significantly lower IB drift over temperature. The AD705 offers many of the advantages of BiFET and bipolar op amps without their inherent disadvantages. It utilizes superbeta bipolar input transistors to achieve the picoampere input bias current levels of FET input amplifiers (at room temperature), while its IB typically only increases 5 times vs. BiFET amplifiers which exhibit a 1000X increase over temperature. This means that, at room temperature, while a typical BiFET may have less IB than the AD705, the BiFET's input current will increase to a level of several nA at +125C. Superbeta bipolar technology also permits the AD705 to achieve the microvolt offset voltage and low noise characteristics of a precision bipolar input amplifier. The AD705 is a high quality replacement for the industrystandard OP07 amplifier while drawing only one sixth of its power supply current. Since it has only 1/20th the input bias current of an OP07, the AD705 can be used with much higher source impedances, while providing the same level of dc precision. In addition, since the input bias currents are at picoAmp

Click here to download AD705 Datasheet
Click here to download AD705 Datasheet
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