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Description:Internally Trimmed Precision IC Multiplier
Manufacturer:Analog Devices
Datasheet:PDF (177K).
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The AD632 is an internally-trimmed monolithic four-quadrant multiplier/divider. The AD632B has a maximum multiplying error of 0.5% without external trims. Excellent supply rejection, low temperature coefficients and long term stability of the on-chip thin film resistors and buried zener reference preserve accuracy even under adverse conditions. The simplicity and flexibility of use provide an attractive alternative approach to the solution of complex control functions. The AD632 is pin-for-pin compatible with the industry standard AD532 with improved specifications and a fully differential high impedance Z-input. The AD632 is capable of providing gains of up to X10, frequently eliminating the need for separate instrumentation amplifiers to precondition the inputs. The AD632 can be effectively employed as a variable gain differential input amplifier with high common-mode rejection. The effectiveness of the variable gain capability is enhanced by the inherent low noise of the AD632: 90 V rms.

Click here to download AD632BDZ Datasheet
Click here to download AD632BDZ Datasheet
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