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Description:Thermocouple conditioner amnd setpoint controller with type J or K thermocouples
Manufacturer:Analog Devices
Oper. temp.:-55 to 125
Datasheet:PDF (149K).
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The AD596/AD597 is a monolithic temperature setpoint controller that has been optimized for use at elevated temperatures such as those found in oven control applications. The device cold junction compensates and amplifies a type J or K thermocouple input to derive an internal signal proportional to temperature. The internal signal is then compared with an externally applied setpoint voltage to yield a low impedance switched output voltage. Dead-Band or switching hysteresis can be programmed using a single external resistor. Alternately, the AD596/AD597 can be configured to provide a voltage output (10 mV/C) directly from a type J or K thermocouple signal. It can also be used as a standalone voltage output temperature sensor. The AD596/AD597 can be powered with a single supply from +5 V to +30 V, or dual supplies up to a total span of 36 V. Typical quiescent supply current is 160 A, which minimizes self-heating errors.

Click here to download AD597AH Datasheet
Click here to download AD597AH Datasheet
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